Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Another First

We started the puppies on soft food last week.  They did not waste anytime figuring out it was.  They dug their noses in and went right to work.  They are still nursing a couple times a day, but the weaning process is well on it's way.  The kids get such a kick out of their bulging tummies when they have finished feasting!

Enjoying a drink of water after they licked the pan clean!

If you stand still for more than a couple seconds, you will have one climbing your leg, begging to be picked up.  Their attention span is very short, so are easily distracted by a shoe string...or a ball...or a blowing leaf...basically anything else that moves... 

like Willow...

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

First Trip Outside

Well today was the day.  The kids have been waiting for this day!  The first time the puppies ventured outside.  It was sunny and 70 with no wind.  A perfect fall day.  It was fun to see the puppies go from very unsure of their surroundings to rolling, running, and pouncing in the grass.  We even heard our first real bark.  

There was no football, volleyball or basketball practice for any of the kids, so all 5 were out there to keep track of the puppies.  I was glad we had so many extra hands, because they move faster than you think.  I counted to 9 several times!    

Somebody thinks they need a mid-day snack!

 We live on the edge of town and have a bike trail that runs behind our house.  A couple of college girls who were out for a run, couldn't resist stopping to play with puppies too.  

Playing outside is really hard work!  

Thursday, October 9, 2014

{-three weeks-}

I can't believe these little duffers are three weeks old already!  They are becoming more playful and fun to interact with.  It is fun to watch them roll around, tug at each other's ears, and even give a little growl.  You can already see some of their personality coming through.  One of the yellow males reminds me of a little old man.  He seems so wise and tender-hearted.  One of the black females {who we are calling Daisy}, is a little spit-fire.  She is always the one on top of the heap and always looking for trouble.  Our kids can sit for the longest time just watching them interact with each other. They are anxiously awaiting the day when they can take them outside to play for awhile.  Next week the temps are supposed to be back in the 70's so maybe next week.  I will be sure to post some pictures of their first trip to the outdoors.  For now, just a few more pictures from inside their warm cozy shed.


Saturday, October 4, 2014

Do you see what we see?

The puppies officially have their eyes open!  On Thursday and Friday we saw a couple of them with the corners just starting to peek out, but as of today (Saturday) they are all fully opened.  They are putting those eyes to good used too.  No more smelling for Hazel.  When she hops in the whelping box, they see her and are begging for food!  Here are a couple of pictures of those cute little peepers!

Although they are becoming increasingly more nosey and alert, they still love to cuddle up in your arms and sleep the afternoon away!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Day Twelve

The puppies are 12 days old today.  They are starting to get up on all fours and maneuver around the whelping box really well.  It was time for a fresh carpet change and so all the puppies were relocated for a brief time.

We aren't going to be able to use this box much longer when we clean and change out the carpet. They were all snuggled together in there so cute! 

Amirah though that she could help the best by just holding the puppies.  When her older brother and sisters are at school she gets lots of alone time with the puppies.  She has become such a little mother.  

This is the largest of the yellow males.  He has acquired the named Eddie.  We are not sure why, he just looks like an Eddie to us.  He is the fastest of the puppies and seems to always find his way to the milk first.  He is almost always the first puppy to latch on when Hazel is ready to nurse.  You can tell by the looks of his tummy and roll under his chin.  He is so sweet and very content...probably because his tummy is always full!

This is the smallest of the black females.  I call her "Squirt", but the kids are not sold on that name and are still trying to decide on a good name for her.  I can't wait to hear what their "forever" names will be, but until then she is my little "Squirt".  

Thursday, September 25, 2014

a week ago today...

I was pacing the yard with Hazel as we anticipated the arrival of puppy number one.  Today I paced the yard with Hazel so she could get a little break from her heap of puppies.  Nursing 9 puppies is a full time job, so Hazel always appreciates a leisurely walk around the yard.  This afternoon she even had enough energy to run up the draw behind our house.  It was good to see her back to her {almost} normal self!

On the puppy front, they are doing great!  It is amazing to see how much they change in just a week. They are getting stronger, louder, and of course cuter each day.  What used to be a smooth, sleek coat of fur, now has a fuzzy feel when rubbed up against your face.  The little bodies that used to wonder slowly and aimlessly about the whelping box, now navigate with purpose straight to the source of food.  The soft squeaks have quickly turned into noticeable squawks.  Their eyes are all still closed, but I am thinking that we will be seeing some eyes soon.  I can't decide what i love most about them, their tiny little paws, their little ears, or their wet puppy noses.  I will let you decide...


All 9 together.  

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Puppies are Here!

Congratulations are in order for Miss Hazel!  She went into labor around noon on Thursday (the 18th) and by 8 o'clock the next morning she was nursing 9 beautiful puppies.  Because most of them were delivered before midnight on the 18th, we are telling the puppies that their birthday's are on September 18, 2014!  Besides being longer than Hazel probably wished, the labor went well for this first time mommy.  The first puppy born was a black female, which has appropriately and affectionately been named "Eve" by our kids.  She was joined by 3 more black females, 3 black males, and two yellow males.  Hazel has her paws full, but she is doing a marvelous job caring for her babies.  They are all nursing well and their bellies are indicating she has plenty of milk to go around.  Come...let's take a peek inside!

It has been beautiful weather here and Hazel has enjoyed the sunshine that streams into her kennel!  When I went out this morning to take pictures, she looked so proud as she quietly nursed her little brood.  

I have a feeling that these puppies are going to get plenty of love in the next several weeks.  There are some eager kids that can't wait to do some holding!