Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Remi x Punch (Ammo)

Just a quick picture of Ammo from Idaho.  Ammo will be a companion and guide dog for Steve Sorensen at the Lazy Triple Creek ranch in Idaho. 

Remi x Punch (Cooper)

 Update from Josh Phillips

     The Coop had another good week. More learning the rules of the road at the Phillips ranch. He's been coming to work with me every day. The guys at the office have excepted him as our resident mascot.
Weather was wonderful last week so Boone showed him where the pond was and that it's perfectly fine to trot down to the water and take a dip whenever you please. Also it must be the best drinking water a dog can soon as the ice is off, water bowls are basically unacceptable to use as a form of hydration.
Walks in the woods are becoming longer and more enjoyable. He's figuring out that I'm boring and there's much more to see and smell than chewing at my heels.
      The farm cat has lost all patience with coop. At this point he's unable to defend his own food bowl. You can see the expression in his face as he waits for her to get her fill of puppy chow..."some day cat, some day this will end!" But a quick lunge at Coop and his tail is tucked and scampering off to Boone for protection.

Remi x Punch (Max)

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Remi x Punch 2015 "Bear"

 Here are a few pictures of Bear making himself right at home with the Pawelks.   Reed and Katie live Northwest of The Cities in St. Michael, MN.  As you can see their two little ones Owen and Emmett love "Bear."  Owen, the 3 year old was adamant that they name the little guy "Papa" after his grandpas, so as any great parents would ,they negotiated "Papa Bear" into the full akc name when the time comes to fill out his registration!!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Remi x Punch 2015

 Here are a few pictures of Whitley from the Remi and Punch breeding 2015. As of Sunday at about 3:00 pm all of the puppies have met their new families. For some is was a long wait, and it was a pleasure meeting all the new families. I can honestly say that every pup once again went into great homes. The pups went to a lot of various homes ranging from Boise, Idaho to the Twin Cities in Minnesota and everywhere in between I'm already starting to receive feedback on how things are going in the new homes and that is something I really appreciate as I love to follow how they are doing and adjusting to their new families.  Two made the long road trip to Idaho with John Peay.  John sent me an email this morning and said the two of them were "good as gold"  He offered to take an extra pup along for another customer, and it worked out great for everyone.   I am very grateful for everyone's business and thankful that the puppies all found wonderful homes!  I know for some it was a long wait, but hopefully the frequent updates sped up the process!.  Here are a few pictures of Whitley who makes her home by Omaha, NE with Alan, Mandi, and Sugar. Sugar is another female they purchased from me 5 years ago, and has become famous on the Rock Solid Pointing labs blog over the years! 

Saturday, February 28, 2015

 Just a little fun out in the snow. The kids and puppies thoroughly enjoy running around in the back yard. Yeah, I wish it was about 40 degrees warmer, but the puppies seem to like chasing the kids around in the snow.  It's too cold to let them out for extended periods of time, but when they are out their exploring and enjoying the freedom.  Today my nieces Maryn and Birkley came to join in the fun.  I'm guessing right now the puppies are sound asleep.  They were a little worn out after running the length of the yard many, many, many times!  A week from today they will start going home. Kind of hard to imagine that time is here already.  The puppies will be missed, but I can honestly say it's getting to be that time.  Every time I go out back multiple puppies have jumped over their box, and pretty well tore into anything they can get their paws on. Just recently it was the garbage can knocked over!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

 I'm a little late on posting these pictures, but on Tuesday we had decent enough weather to let the pups run outside for a while. It's fun to see how they are starting to explore.  A day later, we have sub zero temperatures and snow everywhere. I guess that is what I get for living in Iowa.  As you can see the melting snow provided for plenty of mud for the puppies to play in.   I spent a majority of last summer pouring cement and working in my backyard and unfortunately winter came a little too soon last fall. I didn't finish my side walk, and obviously didn't get the back yard seeded!  The mud didn't seem to bother the puppies at all.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

 Here are a few more pics of the puppies from last week.  On Thursday we were able to let them run outside for and play in the mud while I cleaned out their shed.   It wasn't overly warm, so we tried to keep it short and sweet, but they are starting to spread their wings a little and explore. Unfortunately there hasn't been too many days yet where we can let them run around for extended periods of time. I guess that is what the house is for.  I think all 10 of them peed on the floor when we let them inside so it's safe to say the potty training will be up to you!  

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

 As I look back at the previous posts, I wonder "where has the time gone!"  It's fun to see how the puppies have changed over the last few weeks.  They've transformed so much since the beginning being tiny balls of fur that barely move to now being these rambunctious little balls of fur with a whole lot more personality.  As a spiritual man, it's amazing to see how God has created each one so perfect!  My wife and I thoroughly enjoy watching the puppies and the kids interact when they have them in the house, and even when their in the shed.  The puppies are starving for attention, and you can just lay on the floor and one or more will come and snuggle in by you, nibble on your ear, or lick you on the face!   There aren't too many things in life more fun than 10 little lab puppies that are starting to show their personality.  Boden has even started to come up with his own names for a few now!  The other day when we had them in he started, but since he used the same names again tonight, I'll leave them up for debate with you.  Some possible names you might want to consider, as coined by Mr. Boden, "Licker, Scratcher, and Biter."  At this point they are  fitting, but I'm guessing no one is probably going to adopt them as a final name. It's hard to imagine where the time has gone, and in a little over two weeks the first of the puppies will start going to their new homes. I'm getting excited to meet all of you, and though I'm not quite ready yet, we'll be ready to see the pups go into their new homes to be with the new families!   With 7 in this family there is just about enough love to go around to all the puppies, but we'd hate for those last 3 to feel left out!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Another fun night with the puppies!

 The fun never ends at our house.  Shortly before we let the pups in, it literally looked like a war zone.  Every possible couch cushion, blanket, and article of clothing out of the laundry basket was strewn about.  The kids have a way of making a mess and pretending they are on a ship or something similar, but never quite know how to put it back. Just an average day in our chaotic life.  Dad finally got smart tonight and said if you want me to bring in the puppies then we have to clean up.  K.K's response in her sassy little voice and a naughty smile was, "No, dad you clean it up!"  And she's our youngest....They did a pretty good job of cleaning up after that so now I figured out what motivates them. They played for quite a while. The kids and puppies seem to have more and more fun every time they play in the house.  Gracyn is pretty adamant that she's keeping "Snowflake" so keep that in consideration when she's bawling in a few weeks when Snowflake has to go to her new home. Sometime later this week the puppies will go in for their puppy checks. 

This is a fun series of pics!  After Kinley kissed that little guy he growled at her either wanting a little more, or telling her to knock it off!