Thursday, August 25, 2016

2 Weeks Old.

It's hard to believe they are two weeks old already. So much has changed in a couple of weeks. When I got home from school the kids were excited to tell me that "Dukey's" eyes are starting to open. I would suspect by the time I get home today they will all have their eyes open! As you can see from the pictures below they fill out the Remington Express crate a little bit more at 2 weeks.  I can assure you there aren't anymore bodies in there, they are just about twice the size they were a week ago.  I think week 3 might be interesting if I try the same pose. 

Left:  1 week old                             Right: 2 weeks old

Left:  1 Week Old                       Right:  2 weeks old

Sunday, August 21, 2016

The pups keep getting bigger and bigger by the day.  Today they got their first taste of the great outdoors while I changed carpet and cleaned the whelping box.  It was a beautiful Sunday morning and the kids didn't seem to mind being able letting them out. They aren't much for exploring at this stage in the game, but I'm guessing in the next week their eyes will start to open up and they will start hobbling around on all fours.

The Girls

The Boys

Boden and "Duke" relaxing!

Kinley doing her best puppy impression! 

Aunt Remi and Aunt Mags checking out what's happening in the whelping box.   This picture pretty much sums up how mild-mannered my females are.  Lilly is sitting on the outside watching without a worry or a care.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

1 Week Old!

Here are a few pictures of the puppies at 1 week old today.  It's hard to believe its been a week ago already that we were watching these little rugrats being born in the wee hours of the night.   The kids have started to decide on some names as well.  So far for the boys they like; Duke, Gauge, and Ammo.  For the girls the names of choice are Macy and Birdie.  Kinley has claimed Birdie, Gracyn has claimed Macy, and Boden has claimed Duke.  The puppies once again had plenty of visitors today so if you were wondering if the puppies are going to be socialized when they go home, I would have to say, "most definitely!" 

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Here are a few more pictures from tonight.  They are doing great and growing like weeds!  (Weeds on steroids, I might add....)  I can't get over how chunky they all are already.  They enjoy eating that's for sure!