Monday, April 24, 2017

Three Weeks Old

The puppies turned three weeks old this week.  They are getting to be so much fun.  They do all the things that big dogs do, but in this tiny little body.  I can't get enough of it!  We really had a nice weekend here, so they got a lot of outside time.  Our backyard opens up to a field/water way, with a bike trail running along that field.  When we have the puppies out, many people who are running/walking/biking, stop and ask if they can hold/pet the puppies.  I can't even tell you have many times I have had to say, "Yes, they are ALL sold."  If I can assure you of one thing, it is that you puppies will have been loved, held, snuggled, and VERY well socialized.  We are having so much fun loving them!

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Eyes are Open

As of yesterday afternoon, all the puppies eyes are open!  As I mentioned in my Instagram post, we forget how cute they are when those eyes open up!  They begin to look so alert and also start navigating the whelping box so much better.  This morning we noticed that they are starting to wrestle with each other and are starting to interact with their siblings...besides using them as pillows and heating blankets:)  We are also noticing that Hazel is starting to space their feeding out more and more.  All indications that they are growing up...too fast for us, but probably not fast enough for all of you! Our kids have had a few days off of school for Easter break.  Many of their friends are going on weekend shopping trips, some even on vacations to the mountains or tropical beaches.  Our kids are very happy just holding and snuggling puppies all day.  I am planning to do an Instagram live tonight, so if you happen to be on your phone, make sure you comment and let us know you are enjoying a little glimpse of your little man/lady.

Here is the first picture we got of our wide-eyed little lady.  This is Gemma...isn't she a doll?

Bodan and all the black puppies lined up and sleeping

 Romee and Vada

Silas just before his eyes opened 

How many little girls can you fit in the whelping box?  Many!  Willow had some girls over for a sleep over last night, and they took full advantage of a fresh change of carpet in the whelping box.  If you were at all concerned about your puppy not being socialized, you can put that concern to rest:) 

Miah (our oldest daughter) and Truman

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Our first walker

The puppies are 10 days old today!   Some of them have been trying to get up on all four's, but this afternoon, I can say that Leo (the smallest black male) was legitimately walking.  It wasn't pretty...lots of staggering and stumbling, but he was on the move.  He moved from one pile of puppies to another one and landed himself on the top of the pile.  We don't see any eye's yet, but I am imagining that will happen this week too.  It is crazy how fast they are growing.  Their coats are getting softer and their ears are starting to get floppier.  As much as we love snuggling them when they are tiny and sleep all the time, we can't wait to see eyes!

Here are a couple picture of Leo moving around the whelping box. 

We have had a beautiful weekend of weather, so the puppies have made many trips back and forth to the house this weekend.  

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Puppies Have Been Named

It took us almost 6 days to come up with names for all the puppies, but we did it.  When you have 5 kids, you also have 5 opinions, but for the most part it was very civil and diplomatic.  When all the suggested names had been brought to the table, each child put their initial by the 5 (boy) and 4 (girl) names they liked best.  The names with the most initials won by popular vote.  Since this is still a monarchy, the "queen" had total vetoing power and ultimately got the final say , but I think all their names fit them perfect!

We usually try and do a "theme" of some sort when naming the puppies.  Last spring we named all the puppies after college basketball mascots because they were born the night of the national championship game.  Hazel's first litter of puppies were all named after characters from the show Downton Abbey.  We weren't exactly sure of a theme, but JJ suggested using all old/vintage names, similar to "Hazel".  I loved the idea and think the puppies all look like little, old, wrinkly grandpa's and grandma's the first few weeks anyway.  We hope that you like the temporary name we have chosen for your little man/lady, and can't wait to find out their forever name very soon.  Giving them all a name is very important to our kids, as it seems more personal and intimate to us. It also helps us become more aware and perceptive to their personalities and characteristics.  As they get older we will also try and use colored whelping collars to help you identify specific puppies.  We just like to snuggle them without the collars for the first couple of weeks.

Yellow Female: Gemma
Smallest Black Female: Estelle (Stella)
Middle Black Female: Veda
Largest Black Female: Ruby
Yellow Male: Silas (Si)
Yellow Male: Maxwell (Max)
Lightest Yellow Male: Truman
Smallest Black Male: Leo
Largest Black Male: Theodore (Theo) 

Here are a few pictures of puppies at 5 days old: