Sunday, April 29, 2018

After a lot of deliberation we have finally named all the puppies it gets harder and harder to pick names every year and not have any repeats, but we managed once again!   It always amazes me how quickly the kids can tell the subtle differences between the pups and with nearly 100% accuracy.  I need a list of the names along with the nail colors to tell them apart at this stage in the game.  This past week the weather has been beautiful! In a little over a week, the pups have gone from sitting on the cement and whining, to running all over the yard, chasing the kids around, and following the big dogs. They are at the perfect stage of not too feisty, but starting to show some personality.  They are definitely enjoying their time outside, which couldn't be said a week ago@










Left to Right (Laroy and Rascal)

Left to Right (Bolt and Nash)

Left to Right (Hunter and Knox)

Left to Right (Josie and Dakota)

Left to Right (Morgan and Mavis)

Saturday, April 14, 2018

2 1/2 Weeks Old

The pups are 2.5 weeks old and all their eyes are open.  They are starting to wobble around, and are definitely alert when people are in the shed.  They poke their little heads up and try to figure out whose in visiting them.  It's a constant flow of traffic in and out of the shed, and more recently the kids have been taking them in the house.  Unfortunately the weather in Iowa doesn't want to cooperate very much.  Snow, snow, snow, wind, wind wind!   We've had a few decent days over the past two weeks, but winter just doesn't want to go away.  Today the kids took full advantage of the blizzard conditions and bore the elements just long enough to bring some pups in the house to snuggle for most of the afternoon!

Friday, March 30, 2018

Maggie x Rico litter arrived!

The pups have finally arrived.  Maggie went into labor around noon on Tuesday the 27th and by 5:00 pm 10 healthy pups were born.  The delivery went smoothly and the end result is 6 males and 4 females.   It's hard to believe how much they have grown already!   It's a beautiful day (for once) here in Iowa so we took advantage and got some outside pics!   Our little started dog  Cash even felt it necessary to get in on the action.  Mags was close by to make sure he didn't get too close, but she is so mild mannered it wouldn't probably matter anyway. When the other dogs sneak up to get a peak her way of telling them, "you're too close" is to lick them on the face!   It's a great time of year to have a healthy litter of pups on the ground and we can't wait to watch them grow! 

Thursday, February 15, 2018

6 Weeks old!

The Boys

The Girls
It's hard to believe this rowdy bunch is already 6 weeks old. In another week they'll start heading home, but for the meantime we'll enjoy the time we have with them.  They are full energy by now, and it's hard to keep up with them.  The kids still enjoy taking them in the house and playing with them every minute we're home! 
 The pups also had the privilege of getting their first scent of real birds this past weekend. We had the opportunity to hunt a preserve in South Dakota so we had plenty of dead birds to play with. Although the weather hasn't been great for getting pups outside because it's been too cold, they were able to enjoy being outside for a few minutes. Here's a pictures of a couple of them.  One things for certain already, it didn't take them long to become extremely interested in that new bird smell!   Once you pulled the pup away from the bird their instinct was to turn right back around and go back to it, and some even tried to get the bird in their mouths.