Sunday, June 12, 2016

Lilly x Niah Breeding Expected Around August 13, 2016.

Lilly x Niah Breeding

All Yellow pointing lab litter expected around August 13, 2016. Breeding Confirmed and pups should be ready to go home around the 1st of October. I'm extremely excited for this pairing. I've used Niah multiple times on similar females and the results have been exactly what I'm looking for!    Pups will possess a strong natural point, high intelligence, drive, athleticism, and the right look!  You won't find a better looking pair! Sire and Dam match up perfectly and will produce a combination of a bird dog with a ton of drive and also that companion  you and your family can take wherever you go. Puppies will come with all the health clearances.  Some notables in the 5 generation pedigree include: 70 different titles, 21GMPR titles, 14 other APLA titles, and 9 APLA Hall of Fame dogs. Pedigree includes some of the most sought after pointing lines in the country: GMPR MPR Rik's Risky Raider MH, GMPR Grits of Black Forest SH, 4xGMPR Cashman’s Super Trooper MH, 4xGMPR Bar None's Snake River Otter, GMPR Sauk River’s Featherstorm MH, GMPR Duke’s True Grit SH, CPR Minnesota Horse and Hunt Club Thor,  GMPR Pathfinder's Jayhawk Roxy, and many more! These pups are EIC/CNM clear and also come with a 28 month guarantee on hips, elbows, and eyes.
5 Generation Pedigree

Lilly is  a 55-60 pound female out of my very last "Belle" litter.  She is an athletic freak of nature, and possesses that same look Belle had.  I knew with Belle's last litter I wanted something as similar to those traits Belle possessed and she has "it"!  She has the same gorgeous look, same athleticism, and the same hard nosed attitude in the field.  What I love most about Lilly is she will go hard all day long, but can shut it down and be a part of the family when the hunt is over!  Lilly's pedigree is also quite impressive. Some notables include:  GMPR MHR Rik's Risky Raider MH, GMPR Grits of Black Forest SH, GMPR, High Sierra Kodi MH, GMPR Blackwater Lexus, GMPR Wannamakers Hot Tubb SH, and Minn Horse and Hunt Club Thor MH to name a few.  These are some of the top bloodlines in the pointing and hunt test world!  Lilly is a multi-dimensional dog who gives me whatever I need whenever I want it!   She can sit out on the water or in the field all day and retrieve ducks,  she can bust through the thickest of pheasant cover day in and day out, or she can settle in by my feet at the end of a long day.  I just love how diverse she is!  She gives me everything I need in one dog.  She can hunt waterfowl, pheasant, and sheds with the best of them!  Lilly has a BIG BIG motor, but she has an even BIGGER heart!   She lives to please, and is type of dog that gives dogs the reputation of  "man's best friend".  She loves to go wherever I go whether that's bird hunting for the day, hiking through the woods looking for deer sheds, or hopping in the backseat to run some errands!  Lilly has an overall great nose, strong marking ability, desire to retrieve, and absolutely loves water!   She is the type of dog that is always eager to learn, eager to work, and eager to please! She spends a ton of time in the field every year hunting upland in the Dakotas and Iowa, and water-fowling the "Flyway Highway".   


Niah is an APLA CPR (Certified Pointing Retriever) and has all the looks and drive you are looking for in a Pointing Labrador.  He carries Super Trooper's features in his blocky looks, 75 lb.muscular frame, black pigment, athletic ability, and strong desire to train and hunt.  He has exceptional marking and retrieving ability and displays one of the strongest natural points you will find.  If the bird sits, he will point it!  He has a calm, kid-friendly temperament, yet when it’s time to train or hunt he has a high output motor.  Niah was pointing at a very young age and was the quickest learner I have ever trained.  He has a strong desire to please and is crazy about finding, pointing, and retrieving birds.  Niah's pedigree features some of the best lines in the country  and you can see those bloodlines in his looks and personality.  When it comes to true Labrador looks, strong staunch point, and all around hunting and training ability, Niah is the total package!

Friday, June 3, 2016

I just wanted to take some time and give one last update on the Hazel x Niah 2016 litter!  All our now home with their new families and many have traveled many miles to get there! From California to North Carolina we've covered the coasts and everywhere in between.  I'm so thankful that they've once again found such great homes, and I appreciate the updates that are being sent already. It's always fun to see how they've adjusted to their new homes.  Yesterday Gracyn and I took a road trip to deliver the last of the puppies to Kansas City. We had a great time, and Charlie was a trooper. She literally slept the whole way there except for the one potty break (not necessarily for the puppy) we had an hour in to the trip.  I can't express how thankful I am to each and every one of you for getting a puppy from Rock Solid Pointing labs!   It's always bitter sweet when this time rolls around.  We're certainly going to miss all the little rugrats, but we also know that most of them are going to spoiled beyond belief!  We can't wait to see/hear how they are doing over the  next weeks, months, and years!  I can't wait for the fall when I hear stories of a first point, a first retrieve, and many other firsts in between!  I am always amazed every year at how such wonderful families seem to find us!  I've built many great friendships over the past 10 years, and can't wait for the next 10 years to see where this passion I call "Rock Solid Pointing Labs" leads us. There is just something about a great dog that brings out the best in people! In the chaos and business of our lives this is one of the things that keeps our family so close!  With a family of 7 it can be pretty crazy, but this is one thing that always seems to keep us grounded!  Here are a few pictures from the past week. Some are updates of puppies in their new homes, and other some of the last precious moments we had with them at home!  I hope that the long wait was finally worth it in the end! 

Monday, May 30, 2016

A vet check and the last days

We are really trying to enjoy our last days with the puppies.  Some of them have already gone to their forever homes, while the others are savoring lots of one-one attention from the Bleeker/Franken kids!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

6+ weeks

The puppies are 6 1/2 weeks and are starting to get really quick.  We find ourselves constantly counting to 9!  They have also outgrown their whelping collars.  The kids are very good at telling them apart, so if there is ever a question, I ask them.  Their coloring and size varies just enough that there is some distinction.  

 Charlie and Will
 Charlie and Stella 

 It was a beautiful night to play with puppies and play in the water!  
 The two girls on the left and the little boy on the right are three of JJ and Robyn's kids.  The two in the middle are our girls.  When one of the dogs has puppies, these kids spend LOTS of time together!  Lots of bike rides between the two houses take place!